Oculus Co-Founder Leaves Facebook!

Palmer Luckey decided to leave Facebook behind.

Luckey’s departure from Oculus will be a major blow to Facebook (who owns Oculus) without a doubt, as he was an important part of an organization, and he played a role in virtual reality gaining momentum, too.

Facebook’s statement says that they will miss Luckey, but we don’t know if he decided to leave by himself or not, meaning that his move might not have been voluntary. Previously, he was funding an Internet troll group that supported Donald Trump, who has since become the President of the United States.

Could it be that he left because of the Oculus-Zenimax lawsuit? It might be possible: Zenimax has ended up winning in the court, but they might be double dipping, as John Carmack is now suing Zenimax for his cut from the acquisition of id Software, his former workplace…

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