Mass Effect: Andromeda: The Update Roadmap

Bioware has kept the promise and announced how their RPG, which launched over two weeks ago, will improve.

On Thursday (April 6), a new, 1.05 patch will drop, which will focus on the following things aside from the technical details (crashes, stability improvement):

  • Allowing you to skip ahead when traveling between planets in the galaxy map
  • Increasing the inventory limits
  • Improving the appearance of eyes for humans and Asari characters
  • Decreasing the cost of remnant decryption keys and making them more accessible at merchants
  • Improving localized voice over lip sync
  • Fixing Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern
  • Improving matchmaking and latency in multiplayer

…more details can be read in the patch notes.

During the spring months, Bioware will also address these issues:

  • More options and variety in the character creator
  • Improvements to hair and general appearance for characters
  • Ongoing improvements to cinematic scenes and animations
  • Improvements to male romance options for Scott Ryder
  • Adjustments to conversations with Hainly Abrams

The multiplayer will get new APEX missions, maps, weapons, and characters, as well as launching the first three new chapters of the Remnant investigation (the latter one will come on Thursday).

At least the developers don’t leave the game in its original format.

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