Is Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Getting Announced Soon?

Capcom‘s strategy seems to continue: let’s re-release older games!

The Korean Game Rating Board has already rated Mega Man Legacy Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC – we’ll only link the PS4 one  as that is the most relevant for us. You might be asking: what will this collection have?

The link answers that question: after a bit of translation, you may find that this package could be coming with Mega Man 7-10. If that is true, PC players could get all four games for the first time officially without any emulation, but the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One would also see some old-new titles on their line-ups, too.

Capcom, as expected, is silent (except for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite), but all we have to say is that you are already busted, guys…

(Source: Gematsu)

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