Mario x Rabbids RPG: The Weird Crossover Seems To Exist

Who would have thought that Rayman: Raving Rabbids’ crazy rabbits and Mario could be in a game together?

However, Kotaku reports based on its sources that this RPG (!) is indeed in development for the Nintendo Switch. The game, called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, is out in either August or September.

The developer is Ubisoft, utilizing the Snowdrop engine – you may have seen it in The Division already. The turn-based RPG will try to sell itself by offering a two-player, local co-op, as well as some zany humor. (Kotaku says one of the artworks showed Mario et al. with laser guns… hmm.)

Laura Kate has already talked about the game back in November, but even she has predictions gone wrong. The announcement might come at E3. We still can’t believe this idea altogether…

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