Resident Evil: Revelations: Eight Minutes Of Gameplay [VIDEO]

Resident Evil Revelations’ re-re-release (yes…) is in two new videos.

Originally, this game showed up on the Nintendo 3DS, but it was so successful that it got ported to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, and PC, as Capcom seems to see a ton of cash in re-releasing their older games. In Japan, Revelations’ current-gen port (as it’s nothing more than that…) is going to be out on August 31, which should give us a hint about the localized releases.

In the North American and American regions, the game is slated to be out during the autumn in physical format as well as digital. The two new videos show some action and exploration. Warning, the videos have Japanese subtitles, but if you know the original(s), then you can understand everything without a doubt.

…we’d rather see Resident Evil 2’s remake already, to be honest.

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