Final Fantasy XV’s Future Updates Can Depend On Us

Square Enix is eager to hear our option.

With the new, May, 1.10 update, the developers want to know what we would like to see the most in a future update. It’s not just some basic things that you would expect. Instead, the menu, which you can reach from the title screen, includes no less than seven plotlines, five playable characters, as well as a Hard difficulty option amongst other possibilities. We wouldn’t like to spoil what these are; click on the images below at your risk.

Final Fantasy XV released this month’s free update that adds a plethora of content geared for the global community. The update includes a new “Stinky Tofu” recipe based on a survey conducted with players from Taiwan. Additionally, the winners of the second community photo contest can see their snapshots on display at the Hammerhead restaurant. […] Starting next Tuesday, May 30th, a “Trendy Outfit” for Noctis will be available as a free download through the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store,” the press release says. More info on the updates page here.

Also, Square Enix looks for more employees here to work on Final Fantasy 7 Remake. A lot of positions are open.

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