Papers, Please Is Getting A Short Film Adaptation!

MOVIE NEWS – Lucas Pope‘s popular indie title steps out its pixelated world.

Papers, Please can be easily described as a bureaucracy simulator. You, as a border guard, have to check all entrants’ papers to either allow their entry or deny them. (Or in worse cases, put them in prison.) It doesn’t sound that interesting, but the game itself is somewhat enjoyable, especially if you can catch the rhythm to it. The game is getting a short film.

The images were shared by Lucas Pope, the game’s creator on Twitter, and the project is handled by Nikita and Liliya Ordynskiy. Seeing Pope’s tweet, he is supportive of the short film, which is a pleasant sight to see.

Glory to Arstotzka, it is. Or let’s hail EZIC. Let’s hope that the short film can convert most key points of the game into visual footage – going by the images; the ambiance is already spot on!

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