[E3 2017] Where’s Visceral’s Star Wars Game?

Only one Star Wars title per year?

Electronic Arts has given plenty of time to show us Battlefront II during EA Play, but not a single word was mentioned for Amy Hennig’s game. She revealed on Twitter why her project wasn’t part of the program yesterday despite having been teased last year.

„It’s Battlefront 2’s year – [we’re] very proud of our friends at DICE and Motive! We’re still hard at work on our game, though, have no fear…”, Hennig said on Twitter. She was formerly in writing and directorial positions for the first three installments of the Uncharted franchise.

You read that right. The reason why the 2018 Visceral game was not brought up whatsoever is that Electronic Arts only prepares with one major Star Wars title each year. We don’t understand the logic…


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