The Walking Dead’s Creator’s Another Series Gets A Game Adaptation! [VIDEO]

Robert Kirkman is back, and not with The Walking Dead.

Originally, Thief of Thieves launched in 2012, and it took about five years for Skybound Entertainment to get a video game adaptation going. It is going to be handled by Rival Games, a Finnish indie developer, and the first episode – yes, it is going to continue the trend of episodic games – will launch in Q1 2018 on PC. There are no mentioning of consoles at the moment.

It is going to be a character-driven game with heists and the people who perform them, combining a strong, branching narrative with diverse gameplay, such as stealth, social engineering, and lockpicking. The protagonist will be Celia, the protege of the eponymous master thief Conrad “Redmond” Paulson. Against the comic’s flashback introduction for Celia, we will see in detail how she became a thief.

Not bad so far.

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