Death Stranding Surfaces At An Unexpected Conference

Hideo Kojima and the long awaited Death Stranding showed up somewhere before Gamescom.

The game, which is going to use Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine, has been part of SIGGRAPH 2017. This event focuses on computer graphics and interactive techniques, so it’s definitely not in the same alleys as say, Gamescom, which is going to launch in three weeks.

Kojima Productions confirmed on Twitter that they will participate in this event, together with Guerrilla, to show what they could do with the Decima engine (which probably involves modifying it to Kojima’s liking) – we already saw its capabilities in Horizon Zero Dawn earlier this year. Seeing how Kojima says the tests before SIGGRAPH were successful, it’s probably something significant.

Death Stranding, which will feature Norman Reedus as well as Guillermo del Toro (both moving over from Konami after scrapping Silent Hills), is likely at least (!) 1-1.5 years over from the release. If we see what the crew has done, we will come back to this subject.

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