Sony Still Concentrates On PlayStation VR

The virtual reality wasn’t just a temporary project.

Asad Qizilbash, who also talked about God of War today, said that Sony is still „super-focused” about the PlayStation VR, and they will concentrate on the platform this holiday season, as the company’s goal at the moment is to release a few decent games for it. He added that the developers are not forced to make games for the platform: they are left alone to use their creativity for their titles.

If the first-party developers have a good, working idea, they can make them happen – as Qizilbash says that there are even AAA titles being made for the PlayStation VR (Farpoint, which was alright, is considered one), there will be a healthy balance between smaller/indie games and bigger projects.

We’ll see how the upcoming games will play.

(Source: DualShockers)

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