Destiny 2 will receive its first DLC in December according to a rumor

The Curse of Osiris would lead us to explore Mercury.

Although unknown to many in this part of the world, Jason Schreier, editor on the Kotaku portal, has a long history of leaks and clarification of interest among Destiny fans. If we take its last affirmations as certain, Destiny 2 would receive its first expansion in December under the name “The Curse of Osiris”.

According to this alleged leakage, the downloadable in question would take us to a new patrol area on Mercury and would include the Lighthouse of the first game, which was only available to the winning players in the competitive tournament of the Osiris Tests, as a new social space. Of course, the new plot would revolve around the wizard Osiris, formerly exiled from the Tower.

Regardless of the truthfulness of these statements, the season pass had already let the official glimpse that the first expansion would revolve around this character.

Destiny 2 will go on sale on September 6 on consoles and on October 24 on PC. The season pass will be available along with the exit of the game.

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