Destiny 2: Yes To Private PvP Matches, No To PTR? [VIDEO]

A few more tidbits surfaced regarding Bungie’s game which launches in just a few days on consoles.

Kotaku reported about the first Destiny 2 DLC (The Curse of Osiris), which we also recently mentioned that it might arrive in December. Weird – we already know what the game might get in three months.

Kotaku believes that we may get a new patrol area on Mercury, and a new social space in the Faro (which you may recognize if you have completed the Trials of Osiris in the first game). The DLC‘s antagonist could be Vex, a powerful Guardian. Of course, Activision and Bungie are silent about the subject.

Luke Smith, Design Director of Destiny 2, answered a few questions in the first video below. Bungie is planning a private PvP. However, it might not be in the first few updates of the game. He didn’t rule out the creation of a PTR (public test realm) on PC, something which Blizzard’s Overwatch has, but he doesn’t think it’s going to happen either. The Grimoire Cards will be gone, and the lore will not be plonked on a website either (fewer people would care if that happened) – instead, weapons might get lore tabs. There will also be armor to make Guardians ran faster than before.

There’s a fan-made edit of the live action trailer, where the background music was replaced with Celine Dion – the result is hilarious! Destiny 2 will launch on September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by the PC port on October 24.

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