Xbox One X: Microsoft Is Proud Of Its Four Console Exclusives

Four. Nintendo’s Switch, which turns half a year old tomorrow, already has more than that!

VG247 published a massive interview with Mike Ybarra, the corporate vice president of Xbox and Microsoft‘s gaming division, where he said a few interesting tidbits.

First of all, he mentioned that Age of Empires Definitive Edition would only be available on Windows 10 in October, but he quickly moved on to say that Microsoft feels good despite having only four console exclusives for the Xbox One X. He mentioned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds specifically, which got eight million sales on PC in just four months. (The other three: Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale – 2018 has State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3.)

Ybarra doesn’t think that there’s less focus on the single player portion of the games than before, then he added that Microsoft is still open to cross-play, which Sony constantly refuses. When comparing the Xbox One X with the PlayStation 4 Pro, Ybarra didn’t specifically answer (bullet dodged?) whether Microsoft intended the console as a mid-console generation product as Sony did, or as a beginning of the mobile upgrade trend a la Xbox. NVidia GameStream and Steam’s streaming isn’t ruled out by Microsoft.

However, him saying that they are committed to all regions is somewhat funny – maybe that’s why the Xbox One can barely get one hundred sales in Japan each week. In the end, we already wrote about Ybarra’s comment regarding Xbox One X-exclusive games.

Microsoft will have a harsh November and December. Sure, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has all the chance to be successful, but it cannot be called a killer app (especially not an exclusive, as it’s out on PC, too), and it might decide if Microsoft can catch up to Sony and Nintendo or just stay behind them this generation.

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