A Dev Team Doesn’t Like Its Game Being Emulated!

It’s not an old game either, making a twist in the plot.

You can run old games easily on PC, and the list of properly emulated consoles include the PlayStation 2 and the GameCube (the Xbox is a different story…). RPCS3 can emulate some PlayStation 3 games, including Persona 5, which was released for both the PlayStation 4 and the PS3.

Atlus USA (which is pretty much SEGA, as Atlus is owned by them) requested a DMCA takedown on Patreon. The RPCS3 team responded on Reddit, saying that Atlus has no problems with PlayStation 3-emulation, but they don’t like their game being emulated, as it hurts their rights of their intellectual property. Interestingly, they wanted to take down RPCS3’s Patreon page, which stayed, as the site says emulation is fair use (plus it brings them a bit of cash too, as RPCS3 reaps over three thousand dollars per month!).

In return, RPCS3 removed all references to Persona 5, added that Atlus immediately tried to take down their crowdfunding page without any prior communication. However, nor the emulator, neither its Patreon page is in danger at the moment.

All Atlus said was that the best way to experience Persona 5 is on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Regarding the PC port, they said they are listening to the fans, which means if there’s enough demand, they might do it.

It’s a rough story regardless…

Source: PC Gamer

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