The Evil Within 2 Doesn’t Sell As Well As The First One…

…but at least it’s going to get a PlayStation 4 Pro patch!

Nor Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, neither The Evil Within 2 was capable of becoming the best-selling game last week in the United Kingdom, as they both ended up finishing behind FIFA 18. Also, The Evil Within 2 was beaten home by the new Lord of the Rings game as well. With the case of Tango Gameworks‘ new game, the situation is somewhat dire: if we compare the sales performance of the launch week to the first The Evil Within, the sequel sold just 1/4! Despite digital sales not included, as well as the fact that the second game didn’t launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (unlike the first one), the result is weak.

At least the PlayStation 4 Pro support is coming. However, there’s another twist here: according to Sony’s official subpage, The Evil Within 2 is „PlayStation 4 Pro Enhanced,” and yet, Bethesda seems to have launched the game without supporting the stronger Sony console. The publisher’s forum has a post by Bethesda’s community admin saying the following: „We’re working on an update for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. When we have more information, we’ll happily update you.”

Oh. So the game doesn’t seem to sell well, and the patch wasn’t launched for it out of the box either. Double fail?

Source: VG247, Bethesda forum

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