A Few Trailers For Thursday [VIDEO]

Three games get mentioned in short.

Although God Eater 3 received no new videos, it got a few details revealed. The protagonist wields dual God Arcs and wears bangles on each hand. His outfit his taped up in some places, and he wears a cape with an image of a broken Fenrir emblem. The God Arc possessed by the protagonist can transform into a two-handed weapon by connecting the handles. Oracle Cells will pour out from the bangle on his right arm. In its gun form, it can fire a laser unseen in previous titles. This also marks the appearance of a new gun category.
Field graphics have significantly evolved from previous titles and offer an atmospheric sensation through the depth and expression of light, dust particles, and other details. Aragami’s graphics and motions have significantly evolved. Aragami will become an even greater threat that attacks the player. The new Aragami will launch devour attacks against God Arc users. It will change forms from quadrupedal traversal to bipedal traversal to launch even more brutal attacks. When the new Aragami’s form changes, its attack motions will also change in a big way. It is crucial that the player fights with different strategies during both its quadrupedal traversal to bipedal traversal phases.
There’s no release date and target platforms yet.

Capcom released a new trailer for Dead Rising 4, which will launch in December on PlayStation 4 as Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. In the Capcom Heroes mode, the veteran West can take the form of several Street Fighter characters, which is obviously a cross-promotion to Street Fighter. Xbox One and PC users will get this mode as a free update.

Project CARS 2 is successful (we liked it, too), and the game, which launched roughly a month ago, was highly rated by critics. Slightly Mad Studios celebrates the game’s popularity with an accolades trailer to make people who haven’t bought this game on PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC yet to have a second thought.

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