Monster Hunter World Discards Loot Boxes

The producer of the saga Ryozo Tsujimoto assures that they do not fit with the formula of the title.

The North American portal Gamespot has an interview with Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of the series Monster Hunter, in which he tells them that the loot boxes – which raised so much controversy is raising in the last times – does not fit in the model of Monster Hunter: World.

“I think Monster Hunter has already built a clear random rewards system in his playable experience, when you kill a monster after a hunt, you do not know exactly what it is going to offer you, there are certain rare objects that you were never going to get, also a lot of what you do not need because you already have in abundance … “, he explained about the reward system. “There are also abundant rewards for missions, and some of these are standard, and others are random, and there is a bigger or smaller possibility of getting hold of them.”

“You already have a good booty as the main playable element without having to include a microtransaction system in it,” Tsujimoto said. “Our focus is on making people want to play our title and get a satisfaction that comes from completing things and getting rewards; we want them to enjoy what we have created for them instead of having the option to skip I would not see a system of loot boxes or payment in this procedure. ”

“I think that the games that carry out policies of loot boxes successfully are designed around them from the outside and that these are part of the playable loot,” said Kaname Fujioka, director of the game. “When you include` loot boxes’ in a playable formula you have to make them desirable for the players and, for this, they must be included in the basic playable experience. With our way of working, we cannot simply introduce them and make them work … We would have to rethink everything, and it is not something we plan to do right now. “

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