Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Another Death Stranding Easter Egg! [VIDEO]

As Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s next game uses Guerrilla’s engine, Decima, seeing a reference to it in Horizon: Zero Dawn was expected…

The easter egg is spread throughout three items. These items, as well as their locations, were shown in a video, which we have taken from VG247. We wouldn’t like to spoil the locations, but we can tell you that the three items are the baby, the necklace, and the shackles, and you may find some help if you look for the Ludens logo. You can sell them to get Aloy better equipment, which could be used in The Frozen Wilds, the expansion which launched today.

However, we’d like Hideo Kojima to return the favor in Death Stranding – it’s impossible that the Japanese genius would skip the chance!

Source: VG247

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