Death Stranding: New Details At The Game Awards?

It’s likely that Kojima Productions‘ game is going to be present in a way or another at this year’s The Game Awards.

This year’s gaming gala will have multiple presenters (Felicia Day, Aisha Tyler, and Zachary Levi, to name three of them), and two people have been confirmed by the creator of the event, Geoff Keighley, to join them, as he wrote on Twitter.

A certain Japanese man called Hideo Kojima, as well as another familiar sounding name, Guillermo del Toro (who formerly swore off to never work on video games again after Silent Hills got canned) will be handing an award to someone during the event. It can’t be a coincidence: Kojima started working on something different after Metal Gear Solid under Sony’s wings, and del Toro will at least (!) be a character in Death Stranding.

We haven’t heard much of the game recently. Could we get new information, a new trailer, or maybe even a launch window at the event? Find out at 5:30 PM Pacific on Thursday, December 7.

Source: Twitter


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