Mega Man: Switch-owners Can Be Happy – Three Announcements! [VIDEO]

Yesterday, Capcom held a live stream, celebrating the 30th birthday of the Mega Man franchise – a short recap follows.

Let’s start with the news that the Switch-owners will appreciate: Capcom announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection 1-2 (the first six, then the 7-10 games) would be heading to the Switch next Spring with Amiibo support, as well as a rewind feature that the PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC versions will get in a future update. As the Blue Bomber was initially on the big N’s platforms, it’s about time he is heading to the Nintendo Switch. What took Capcom so long?

Capcom also pulled out an announcement for the Mega Man X fans – they announced that Mega Man X1-8 are all heading to the PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC/Switch quartet in 2018. It was bound to happen, although this collection lacks Command Mission… fine, let’s move on.

We saved the best for last: Mega Man 11. Yes, Mega Man 11 got announced, and it’s developed by a „veteran team!” Capcom replaced the retro 8-bit look (which was seen in 9 and 10) to a 2.5D art style, and the robot itself also got a minor redesign, which looks better than what we saw from the 2018 cartoon. It will launch in late 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch! Game Informer‘s January issue will feature the game in detail – we’ll have a look at it when it happens!

Source: Gematsu, Twitter, Game Informer

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