PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR: Amazing Sales Performance!

Sony revealed sales figures for two platforms.

Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s statement says that until December 3, a total of 70.6 million PlayStation 4s were sold, which is a wonderful result for a roughly four-year-old console. Games-wise (including both physical and PlayStation Store sales), a total of 617.8 million were sold, which means that an average player has bought 8.5 games for their PlayStation 4, which is a decent figure!

Two million PlayStation VRs and 12.2 million games for it were sold, with only 150 titles at the moment supporting Sony’s headset. On average, that is a little more than six games per PlayStation VR.

Congratulations to Sony, and let’s see if they can crush 75 million PlayStation 4s sold by the end of the year.

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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