The Creator Of Twisted Metal Was Working On A Superhero Game! [VIDEO]

Even David Jaffe isn’t perfect.

Jaffe created the Twisted Metal franchise in the nineties, which was followed by being the director of the first God of War game in 2005. His latest game, Drawn to Death wasn’t successful (in fact, this multiplayer-based, drawn art styled game failed), which forced him to shrink his team, as well as cancel his next project.

Jaffe uploaded a pitch video of this game. It would have been a superhero-themed game with a four-player co-op. Left 4 Dead and Doom combined – that’s how we would describe Guardians, where the heroes would have had to face off hordes of demons. Its plot would have started with a bit of prison escaping, where four girls died in an accident while sitting in a prison car, but they get a choice whether to go to the afterlife or revive as superheroes to redeem themselves. There would have been a rating system as well, where the better performance would’ve given a better redemption for the player.

The video is just a concept, so it has no gameplay. Perhaps Sony will consider this pitch. Perhaps they will get to do something like remake the first four PS1 Twisted Metal games on PlayStation 4. (After all, Crash pulled off a successful return, didn’t he?)


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