System Shock Remake: A System Shocking Announcement!

Pun aside, Nightdive’s announcement isn’t something we were expecting.

Nightdive Studios‘ CEO, Stephen Kick stated on Kickstarter, and true to his name, it’s a kicker. He says that the game, which was successfully funded in June 2016, is now taking a break from development, making its development situation even bleak than before.

Originally, the development was meant to be a remaster with the Unity engine, but the project evolved into an Unreal Engine 4 remake, and meanwhile, the game’s concept and scope became out of control for the developers to handle. Kick says that they turned their backs on the backers, and he has sent the team on a hiatus to reassess their path and return to their vision.

Kick states that the game is NOT dead, they are just taking a break. We’re quoting one sentence from him: „Please accept my personal assurance that we will be back and stronger than ever.” We’ll see if that happens.

System Shock’s remake thus has no release window, but it should be in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, whenever it’s back from its hiatus…

Source: Kickstarter

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