Metal Gear Survive’s Monetization Is… Nasty!

Konami’s new game asks money for things that we should expect for free in any video game…

Although we have known for a long time that the first post-Kojima Metal Gear game will have microtransactions, ResetEra proves that Konami might have gone a little too far with them. In short: you can have just ONE save slot free of charge. The second one will cost you about ten dollars! It’s simply a pathetic situation – there’s no other way to describe it.

In case you’d share the game with a friend, regardless if it’s on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Steam, that person will also have to cough up 1000 SV Coins – and 1150 costs ten dollars. No joke, your friend will have to pay to play the game with a separate character.

Konami doesn’t seem to care, though – they announced how the game would expand shortly. There will be a new, cooperative mission type called Rescue Mission. In it, our team has to go behind the enemy lines and rescue soldiers. That’s pretty much all the publisher said. (Not a lot, huh?) Until then, there will be special daily missions with extra rewards and special modifiers – one of them being HellFire, making all our enemies go on fire. There’s also a weekly exclusive mission, too.

Konami seems to make us hate them intentionally…

Source: ResetEra, GameSpot

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