Papers, Please’s Short Film Adaptation Is Here, And We’re Not Disappointed! [VIDEO]

This is how we imagined Lucas Pope’s game „on the big screen.”

Papers, Please could be described with just three words: border guard-bureaucracy simulator. However, it doesn’t describe how the game plays with the player’s kindheartedness while they check the papers. The fan-made short film, directed by Nikita Ordynskiy and produced by Liliya Tkach, builds on these emotions.

The video is Russian, but don’t worry – there are closed captions for several languages, including English. However, in our opinion, the Russian language fits this Cold War, cold-hearted, emotionless mentality the best. The ending is a little different from what we expected, but that’s just our opinion.

Papers, Please is already available on PlayStation Vita – if you own Sony’s sadly abandoned handheld, give it a try, but don’t get mad if the bureaucracy has the better of you…

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