Donald Trump And Violent Video Games: What Was the Meeting About? What Video Did the President Show? [VIDEO]

The president of the United States opened the meeting in the White House with a montage.

Washington Post writes that Trump played the video below at the beginning of the meeting for some of the major invited people in the video gaming industry. The video features several games (aside from a few Call of Duty titles, there’s also Dead By Daylight, The Evil Within, and Sniper Elite 4), and while it was playing, he asked the following question from the participants: „This is violent, isn’t it?”

Melissa Henson, the leader of Parents Television Council, said that the meeting was „respectful but contentious.” Her organization thinks that „a steady diet of media violence is having a corrosive effect on their culture.” Brent Bozell, the head of Media Research Council, thinks that games should be regulated as tough as alcohol or tobacco. He also dismissed a statement by a Democratic Senator, Richard Blumenthal, who said that blaming video games for gun violence is just „an unacceptable excuse to avoid talking about serious policy proposals.”

Vicky Hartzler, a representative of Missouri state, stated on Twitter: „I believe the solution to curtailing violence lies in an all-encompassing approach, focused on several different factors that may contribute to school shootings. Discussions should not be limited to just videogames and guns. The president’s approach of leaving no stone unturned is prudent, and similar meetings with the movie industry about gun violence on film should also be conducted.” Was there any ACTUAL progress at this meeting?

Let’s get back to this video, though – sure, this roughly 1.5-minute montage features some violent scenes, but these games aren’t mostly about brainless, violent acts. Trump could have included Hatred or any Grand Theft Auto game at this point. That is a missed opportunity, Mr. President! Also, where’s Jack Thompson…?

Source: PCGamer

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