Is Alone In The Dark Making A Return?

The veteran franchise might not be ignored.

The last time Alone in the Dark showed up on consoles, it was in 2008 (PS2, X360, Wii; the PS3 version had Inferno added to its title), but PC users received another title in 2015. However, let’s not go into the quality (or lack thereof?) of Alone in the Dark: Illumination…

Atari owns the IP’s rights, and they don’t want to drop the ownership of the name which launched in 1992 as „the first 3D survival horror game” – it even ended up in the Guinness World Records’ book. The license was renewed, which could also mean that Atari just extended the rights.

Even if Alone in the Dark makes a return, it has to make something extraordinary, as there are several similar games on the market, and there’s even more on Steam. If they somehow remake 2001’s Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (Darkworks: PS1/DC, Pocket Studios: GBC, Spiral House: PS2/PC), it wouldn’t be a bad idea – that title was inspired by Resident Evil…

Source: Trademarkia

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