Conan Exiles: We Can Finally See It Running On a PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]

Funcom took their time…

Conan Exiles had an interesting route in the past year: it first showed up on Steam in Early Access, followed by an Xbox One version a few months later, and it’s now the PlayStation 4‘s turn. The PS4 port was a black sheep in the past months, as we have seen nothing of it whatsoever.

Funcom showed it, though (it starts at 26:30 in the video below), and behind the controllers/microphones, we see Joel Bylos (the director) and Jens Erik Vaaler (community manager). They used an ordinary PlayStation 4 Slim to showcase the PS4 port of this MMO, even though they could have gone for a PlayStation 4 Pro (because they used an Xbox One X in this roughly one-hour video, too).

Funcom took their time indeed: Conan Exiles‘ final version’s release date is May 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We’re just mere hours from that day. At least there is a PS4 port for this game…

Source: DualShockers

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