Egress: when you mix Dark Souls with a battle royale [VIDEO]

The new Fazan Games title lets you see new game videos that detail some of its mechanics.

Fazan Games has published on its YouTube channel a new video in which its new Egress project can be seen in action . It is a title that adds to the fashion of the titles ‘battle royale’ mixing the expected ingredients of this genre with an aesthetic close to the Dark Souls saga.

Egress is a multiplayer action game that takes place in a dark Victorian city of Lovecraftian style full of traps. Its central mechanics invites us to become a steampunk character to star in death duels, alone or with friends until only one participant remains standing. These recent videos show us new details of the gameplay of Egress, such as the operation of weapons and some skills, as well as the use of the rise in the water level of the city to mark the time limit of the clashes.

Without a specific release date, Egress will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC throughout 2018.

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