F.E.A.R., the horror FPS will have a movie adaptation

MOVIE NEWS – It will be produced by Machinima, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Digital, and Greg Russo will write the script.

Video games continue adding cinematographic adaptations. In this case, we talk about FEAR, a remembered first-person shooter action title surrounded by intrigue and terror originally launched in 2005. The FPS will receive on a date still to be determined a live-action film by screenwriter Greg Russo and Machinima, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Digital.

“As a veteran player, it is an honor to partner with Machinima, the leading player content provider in the world, F.E.A.R. holds a special place in my heart, and I am highly eager to take my personal passion to this and other projects.” I can not wait to see where this association will take us, “explained Greg Russo in words collected by the specialized portal The Hollywood Reporter.

This film will not be released in cinemas but will be a product developed for online enjoyment. Equally, it is not the first adaptation in which Greg Russo works. The screenwriter also has among his outstanding projects the film reboot of Resident Evil as well as the new movie of Mortal Kombat.

F.E.A.R. was one of the most outstanding releases of the year in 2005 and led players to take on the role of a rookie soldier of a special assault force called F.E.A.R., a military group fully trained to fulfill associated missions to paranormal phenomena.

SOURCE:, The Hollywood Reporter

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