Kingdom Hearts III: Leaking Images From The Premium Showcase Event

A few images confirm a few things about Square Enix‘ long-awaited JRPG.

Let’s get right into it – the leaked photos show characters from two worlds. One of them is Toy Story, which is alright, but the other one surprised us, as it wasn’t even mentioned even in rumors: there are images of Wreck-It Ralph as well, and so, the Japanese developers cannot hide it anymore. Ralph, inspired by the 1980s’ arcade games, will have his game, Fix-It Felix, in the Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts III.

The journalists who could participate could reveal their thoughts about the game in the next few hours, but the images (via Reddit) shouldn’t be breaking any embargo, so Square Enix should be okay with them.

Kingdom Hearts III is going to be out at E3, and there’s a chance that Square Enix will tell us the release date on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One there as well.

Source: Reddit

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