World War Z: Moscow In Ruins [VIDEO]

After roughly half a year of announcing this four-player cooperative zombie shooter (inspired by the novel and the film), we hear from it again.

In December, Saber Interactive (TimeShift, Inversion, Quake Champions…) already announced that the game will have multiple locations, and we’re not surprised that the Russian capital out of the three (New York, Jerusalem, and Moscow) is in the trailer. However, after watching the video, we can see that the „zekes” have massively overrun the formal capital, as thousands of them are on the streets. The sight makes us question just how beefy of a PC will be needed to run this game on the highest settings…?

Turrets, rifles, melee, and an ax – just a few of the weapon repertoire seen in the video, and we also saw a zeke in complete SWAT gear, too. Oh, boy.

World War Z will be published by Paramount Pictures later this year, and we might see the game (which originates from Max Brooks‘ novel) on consoles as well later.

Source: PCGamer

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