Evolve: Another Nail In The Coffin!

Evolve‘s second try seems to have failed as well…

Turtle Rock Studios, who formerly worked on the Left 4 Dead series, launched Evolve in early 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and after the hype around it, it flopped. Thus, Take-Two redesigned the game into Evolve Stage 2, which was PC-exclusive. Turtle Rock also stopped developing by this point.

However, in September, the dedicated servers are going to be shut down, which means there will be no more ranked play, leaderboards, and the in-game store. In fact, Evolve Stage 2 also bites the bullet at this point – you get to keep the purchased DLC (monsters, skins, and hunters), though.

Legacy Evolve (the original release) will still function, but only with a peer-to-peer connection. Under Quick Play, aside from ranked, all game modes will be available, including Evacuation (best of five between the monster and the hunters), as well as solo against AI opponents.

We can say that Evolve will be semi-dead by September…

Source: PCGamer

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