We have more than one hour of pure gameplay from Spider-Man [VIDEO]

Insomniac Games showed tons of stuff from their upcoming game, Marvel’s Spider-Man in their recent Twitch-stream.

The Twitch-stream was held yesterday, in which the developers behind the game showed the same demo that was at E3 2018, just in a more detailed fashion. Thanks to this they were able to show some gameplay related things that they weren’t able to show previously because of time constraints.

The video mainly focuses on open-world activities, such as side quests, but there’s a boss fight too along with a lot of web-swinging and combat.

Aside from these, someone took a picture at E3 about the game’s map – based on the picture the map seems to be huge, and we also learned that there won’t be dynamic day and night cycle. This will only change based on the story and the missions. However, after completing the main storyline, players will be able to switch between day & night in the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 this year, September 7th.

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