Players weren’t able to download Heavy Rain for PS4 if they had Beyond: Two Souls

It looks like something wrong happened with this month’s PlayStation Plus games.

The two game for July are Heavy Rain‘s remastered version and Absolver. There’s was nothing wrong with downloading the second game, however, Quantic Dream’s game was another story.

Previously (back in May) players were able to download Beyond: Two Souls if they had PS Plus. However, it turned out if someone had this game and they tried to download Heavy Rain even just a few hours before now, then they got the following message: “You are not able to download this product for the following reason(s): you already own Beyond: Two Souls.”

There were people who asked for help on Twitter and it looks the problem wasn’t specific only to PlayStation app. Sony seemingly solved the problem since and some people reported that even before that they were able to download the game from the webstore. Still, things like this shouldn’t happen.

Source: VG247

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