Insulting you will cost an expulsion at Rainbow Six: Siege

The insults in the chat will receive an automatic ban in the Ubisoft video game.

Months ago Ubisoft declared as a priority to end the toxicity of Rainbow Six: Siege and as part of that plan, the gala company responsible for the Assassin’s Creed series has launched a new system of expulsions by which, automatically, will ban all those users who insult and launch homophobic or racist messages in the game chat.

The expulsion is temporary; for what some fans say, the penalty for insult in Rainbow Six: Siege amounts to about 30 minutes, which is impossible to access any of the game modes of this successful multiplayer action title. Those who reoffend in insults will suffer a greater punishment, with up to 2 hours of expulsion.

If the player still continues with his toxic attitude, Ubisoft will initiate an official investigation that can lead to the permanent expulsion of the video game. Given these measures, some fans have protested in social networks, to which Ubisoft has responded that “fighting against toxicity and keeping Siege’s environment clean is a very real and important problem”.

Source: 3DJuegos

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