Devil May Cry 5’s Director Learnt A Lot From DmC!

Indeed, Matt Walker, the producer of Devil May Cry 5, states that Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry was helpful for Hideaki Itsuno, DMC 5’s director.

In his interview with VG247, Walker said the following about the situation regarding Ninja Theory (who now belongs to Microsoft) and their DmC: Devil May Cry: „[Devil May Cry 5] is definitely a game for the fans – we’ve heard fans asking for a sequel to the storyline of DMC4 for over ten years, but this isn’t a slight at Ninja Theory or DmC at all. We all love DmC. [DMC5 director Hideaki Itsuno] has explicitly stated that in his mind, DmC is just as important as any of the other titles in the series, and he’s just as proud of it. We learned a lot from working with Ninja Theory on that title, and we hope that they benefited in some way as well. Itsuno-san has stressed several times in conversations with me that he’s taken what he’s learned from working on DmC and applied what he’s learned specifically to what we’ve done on DMC5. I think you can expect DMC5 to expand more on the combat philosophies established in DMC1-4. Itsuno-san wants to make the absolute best action game he can, so he’s going to use his and the team’s experience to realise his goal.”

He also talked about how Dante, who had quite a long hair in the E3 announcement trailer, could get a haircut: „Unfortunately we can’t reveal too much about Dante yet, but I’m confident that you’ll be happy with how he turns out in DMC5. His hair may be impractical for motorcycle riding in that particular scene, but he might wise up and do something to make that motorcycle riding more manageable.”

Devil May Cry 5 comes out early next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: WCCFTech, VG247

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