Compare the Monster Hunter World Graphics on PC and PS4 Pro [VIDEO]

After its premiere in spring on consoles, the Capcom RPG arrives at PC very soon!

After triumphing in consoles, the excellent Monster Hunter: World prepares its launch in PC (scheduled for August 9) in a ‘port’ that will have different graphic configurations to adapt to computers of all kinds. After showing off in the gameplay of 10 minutes, now repeats in a direct comparison with the PS4 Pro version and also between the maximum and minimum configurations.

Based on the Arekkz Gaming video, the finish is quite similar in all comparisons. The PC version, of course, presumes to opt for a higher native resolution and a higher rate of images per second. It also has improvements in texture filtering, drawing distance and shadow quality, among others.

You can keep an eye on the technical requirements of Monster Hunter: World and other details of this version, although in recent weeks, many fans have moved against the controversial anti-piracy system Denuvo. However, the expectations for the game lead him to accumulate more than one million reserves in China.

In other news, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: World, which launched on January 26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (with a PC port arriving on August 9), has reached 8.3 million sales by June 30, including both digital and physical sales. The last time they announced sales data, it was in May (when the game was at 7.9 million) – since then, the monster hunting game sold 400 thousand more copies.

With this increase, Monster Hunter: World continues to become Capcom’s best-selling game, because seeing the May list, Resident Evil 5, which was in second place with 7.3 million sales, is unlikely to have seen a significant increase in sales (especially how even the re-release came out two years ago or so). As there are less than two weeks until Monster Hunter: World’s PC port arrives, we can expect the sales to jump to nine million by the time Autumn comes.

The games were reported in May to be at 7.9 million units. Monster Hunter: World launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on January 26. A PC version will be released on August 9.

SOURCE: Gematsu

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