Darksiders III – The new gameplay video shows how the puzzles work [VIDEO]

We can see another 6 minutes from the glorius Darksiders III and this time the focus is on the puzzles.

There’s a lot of marketing going on around Darksiders III in the recent weeks, which isn’t surprising because it is going to release in only a few months from now. Thanks to IGN’s own series, IGN First, we can see a new gameplay footage from the game which focuses on the environmental puzzles.

Next to the exploration and platforming sections, as well as the dynamic combat, puzzles were always a key part of the series. In the new gameplay video – that also features commentary from the developers – we can learn how puzzles work in Darksiders III. The developers explain what challenges they have to face when they are designing a puzzle and how the puzzles will differ from the one we’ve seen in the past games.

Darksiders III will release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 27th.

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