The Witcher Series Leak!

MOVIE NEWS – The casting scripts managed to reach the Internet… but how did it happen?

Indeed, we are not talking about the final scripts. Instead, these scripts are tailor-made for „solo” scenes that the actors would perform to see if they fit the role or not. These scenes aren’t meant to show up in the Netflix series, but it’s still a leak regardless.

You can find the two leaked scene scripts on Reddit, and before you’d say it’s a hoax, Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner of The Witcher, confirmed that they are legit. The first scene has Yennefer asking Geralt to attend a ball, and in the second one, a king asks her to help.

There are some comments about Yennefer using the term „power couple,” but if Hissrich can be believed, we shouldn’t worry about the terminology used in the scripts – The Witcher isn’t going to be „modernised” on Netflix when it arrives probably in a year or two!

Source: PCGamer

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