Control: You can break and manipulate everything in Remedy’s new game

At Gamescom 2018, one employee of VG247 had the chance to try out Control‘s demo and learn some cool new details about the game.

Control takes place in an environment where everything is constantly changing, twisting and defies logic itself – it’s similar to what you can see in The House of Leaves via The X-Files. You can use a shapeshifting gun and different telekinetic powers in order to traverse through the environment. Although these things are far from being realistic, aside from these, Remedy wants to make sure to make everything as grounded and life-like as possible.

While Quantum Break, Remedy’s previous game used the Havok physics engine, Control will use a brand new one, but we don’t know its name yet. According to Mikael “Mixu” Kasurinen (game director), there’s a lot of potential in physics-based games. He also gave some examples, like Psi-Ops and Second Sight – but he also pointed out that while those games experimented with physics-based gameplay, they were also very limited, they offered the players too little options.

Basically, Remedy wants to make sure that the players can interact with everything in their environment. Also, because of their realistic approach to the game, every material will behave differently, such as concrete, metal, or glass. But it’s not all. Control uses a new motion matching system that gets rid of jankiness, so animations will be more fluid. It will be probably something similar that Naughty Dog utilizes in The Last Of Us: Part II.

Aside from these, they also made some steps forward in the audio department and the game will utilize NVidia’s new RTX technology.

Source: VG247

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