Death Stranding Will Get A Stage Event At Tokyo Game Show!

Hideo Kojima is serious about his game.

Kojima Productions announced on Twitter that on September 23, at an unannounced time, there will be a stage event for Death Stranding at Tokyo Game Show, which is happening between September 20 and 23. This event will feature Hideo Kojima, the director of the game (who previously worked on several Metal Gear Solid titles at Konami), as well as several voice actors. (Even their English Twitter account announced the event!)

Although we don’t know anything else about Kojima Productions‘ plans, we think we should keep an eye on this event. Death Stranding, which is using Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine, has been in development for over 2.5 years so that it might be reaching the end of development shortly.

There might be an important announcement at this staged event if the developers talked about it this early. We’re hopeful – if there’s something outstanding happening on September 23, we’ll get back to the game!

Source: Gematsu

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