Is Kit Harrington the new Batman?

MOVIE NEWS – If we can believe the rumours, the star of Game of Thrones is going to play the titular character in the new Batman movie.

Kit Harington got pretty famous thanks to his role in Game of Thrones, but the series is going to end next year with its 8th seasons. Therefore, it’s totally understandable that big movie studios are interested in hiring him. Based on the recent rumours, the studio behind the Batman movie wants to hire him to play the titular character, because there’s no chance Ben Affleck will play the caped hero again – partially because he just finished his rehab that was necessary because of his alcohol addiction.

Based on official reports, Matt Reeves is going to direct The Batman and he is looking for a younger version of the character (25-30-years-old). Previously, Jake Gylenhall’s and Jake Huston’s name were also mentioned and they have roughly the same build as Harington, while they are also younger than Affleck.

However, Harington is the youngest out of the three (31-years-old) and he also looks the closest to the previous actor who played Batman, Ben Affleck. Also, the studio requested two mock-ups – one about Harington and one about an unnamed actor – to see how they would look as the Batman.

Source: MovieWeb

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