The writer of The Witcher series leaves Twitter after criticisms

MOVIE NEWS – Her Twitter account is still available but according to her, it’s time for her to stop using the community site a little bit.

Recently the Netflix series caused a big backlash amongst fans because it turned out that the writer wants to hire someone from an ethnical minority to play Ciri, who is a white female in the games and in the original books. Even if we examine this totally objectively, we can clearly understand why the fans got so upset.

It wouldn’t really be that big of a problem if a non-white female would play Ciri. After all, if, for example, a black woman can play the character better than a white one, maybe she should get it instead.

Or if the team behind the series wants to tell something interesting a meaningful in the story be building on the character’s different ethnicity. However, it looks like the sole reason they wanted to cast someone from an ethnical minority… is to have someone in the series who is from an ethnical minority.

Because of that, this is basically spitting the original vision in its eyes, because the creators of the show fail to provide a better alternative for the character, or at least a worthy alternative that explains why the character needs to have a different ethnicity.

Basically every single The Witcher fan agrees so it’s not really that surprising that the lady who is responsible for the writing of the series was not able to take any more criticism and decided to leave Twitter.


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