Blizzard Is Working On Something Entirely New!

The job listings always hint at what the developers are doing. Blizzard is no exception, and we know about them that even Diablo IV might be in development…

Blizzard’s job openings page can be found here, and we can see that they are looking for people for multiple projects. Aside from a mysterious Diablo one, we see a senior quest designer opening whose description mentions mobile games, another one mentions console and PC experience as well. After Hearthstone, we aren’t surprised. „Passion for co-op games, RPGs and board games,” and „real passion for action games” can be read in two other openings, and they both seem to go for first- and third-person combat as well. An unannounced project? Look no further.

However, these openings aren’t the main surprise. This listing for a senior/lead level designer includes this quote: „world-building from conception to the final stages of polish” – which means Blizzard might be planning a brand new universe to be created! After Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Overwatch, that would be extreme…

So, Blizzard might be working on multiple project simultaneously…

Source: PCGamer

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