Did PlayStation Plus’ October PlayStation 4 Games Leak?

Although it’s hard to believe (which is why we have our doubts), but maybe this time, the photo originating from Reddit could be believed…

„These games appeared in my store with the PS Plus sign (that small bar). If I click on them, they don’t show up. Is this a bug or a leak for the October games?” – the poster asks. We’re not going into the two PlayStation 4 games yet, but one of them might be reasonable due to the upcoming BlizzCon.

This year’s BlizzCon will happen in early November, and Blizzard might talk about the next Diablo game there (which is known almost by everyone to be in development – it’s just not announced yet…), which is why putting Diablo III Eternal Collection into the PlayStation Plus program would be reasonable. The other game, Nioh, the „Japanese Souls,” was also successful, which is why it’s getting a sequel.

We have to repeat that it might be a hoax, but as we’re close to the last Wednesday of the month, Sony might be already preparing the PlayStation Plus list. Maybe we have a proper leak this time around…

Source: Reddit

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