Another Possible PlayStation Plus Game Leak?

One day before October’s PlayStation Plus game list announcement, a third possible game gets mentioned via a potential leak.

Last week, we discussed that the two PlayStation 4 titles in the monthly PlayStation Plus freebies could be Nioh and Diablo III Eternal Collection. That could be a decent deal, but now we have a third game as a possible title in the PS4 list. However, this time we hope that it would not be one of the PlayStation 4 games for October.

An image surfaced on Twitter that shows Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition as the PlayStation Plus game from next week. That’s a roughly four-year-old game, and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a big title whatsoever from Sony. However, seeing that some months have some weak titles on the list, it could be a possibility, though.

The truth will be revealed tomorrow. Let’s hope that Nioh and Diablo III will end up the free games for the PlayStation Plus subscribers instead of Sniper Elite III and another game that we wouldn’t even like to guess.

Source: Jeuxvideo-Live

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