Metro Books’ Writer Attacks Andrzej Sapkowski Again! [VIDEO]

Dmitry Glukhovsky has already had negative comments about the writer of The Witcher books, but it seems the Russian writer still has similar thoughts about his Polish colleague…

The Metro and The Witcher games are all existing because of books. Previously, we wrote about how Glukhovsky is actively involved in the development of Metro: Exodus (as well as Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light in the past), while Andrzej Sapkowski isn’t following this approach. (In fact, he just asked for royalties in advance from CD Projekt RED when they weren’t worldwide famous yet, and that contract means he’s not getting any more money from them due to the agreement…)

The Russian video below has Glukhovsky from 10:25, and he outright calls Sapkowski „an old fool,” who „f__ked up” – he believes the 16 million dollar lawsuit against CD Projekt RED happens because of his „wife [nagging] him about it in the evenings, and [then] he tries to roll it back.” In short, Glukhovsky called Sapkowski „an ungrateful schmuck.”

Still, he understands what The Witcher‘s writer is aiming to do: „He is just an elderly man, he missed his chance, and well, what can you do? I feel sorry for the man. He should not be doing [the lawsuit] because Netflix can get scared and back out. Netflix does not like legal issues.”

Indeed, let’s not see Sapkowski ruin The Witcher‘s Netflix series (in other words: getting it cancelled) due to him asking for more money… that’d be scandalous!

Source: Ostrog

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