How Did The Internet React To Geralt’s Looks?

MOVIE NEWS – The Witcher’s Netflix-series‘ protagonist was revealed.

Netflix revealed Geralt on Twitter, and we have known for a while that Henry Cavill would play it.

The reaction was… well, let’s say not the best. One response says that even a cosplayer looks better than Cavill, who should get more make-up. There’s also an image:

Kelsey Impicciche thinks „Henry Cavill as Geralt for The Witcher looks like a very strange Legolas cosplay,” and Lord of the Rings doesn’t look far off indeed. From this point, more insane thoughts surfaced. Bob Al-Green’s tweet speaks for itself:

And here’s another reasonable thought – Cavill looks more like Raiden from the Mortal Kombat movie (who was played by Christopher Lambert):

…and many other people think likewise! Julie Alexis believes Geralt reminds her of Bob from Twin Peaks, and she doesn’t seem far off either:

…and with a moustache, things can look more hilarious than before:

So, The Witcher, whose first season will consist of eight episodes, might have a bad start. Its release date is unknown, but it might be out around the end of 2019. Also, another Netflix series, namely Castlevania, according to Deadline, is getting a third season, and this information comes just after the release of the second one. We don’t know when it could arrive.

What do you think about Cavill’s looks as Geralt?

Source: Nerdist, WCCFTech, GameSpot

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